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We are a Motorcycle Club. We wear a Red and Gold three-piece patch on our cuts and protect the brotherhood that we have created.  Our members are active duty, reserve, or honorably discharged Marines and Navy Corpsman who served with the Fleet Marine Force.

We are not a riding club, social club with motorcycles, riding organization, riding ministry, a motorcycle ministry, or weekend motorcycle bike riders.  We are a Motorcycle Club in every manner.  We uphold to strict guidelines of the Motorcycle Club world, follow proper protocols, and treat people the way we want to be treated; with respect.

We have a lot of fun, raise money for good causes, and try to do our best in the communities where we live.  We always welcome others to say hi, get to know more about our Motorcycle Club, and join us in our fundraisers.  All we ask in return is that you treat us the way you want to be treated, respect us as we do you, and follow proper Motorcycle Club protocols when around the Devil Dogs M.C.


We are a Brotherhood of Marines from all walks of life that ride together, take care of each other and have created an unbreakable and unstoppable brotherhood. Most civilians do not and can not understand us. We have no problem riding numerous miles each day, rain or shine, just to be with our Brothers! We enjoy attending parties and even creating a few of our own! We are proud Americans! And we will stand for this great Nation, no matter what! Like most people, we work and have families as well. But our brotherhood is on that same list of priorities as those. We love the Red and Gold and the Biker Family we have gained by coming together among such an elite group of Men!



State President


Sgt. At Arms


In order to join the Devil Dogs MC, you must have earned the “title” and served your country proudly and honorably. You must have a passion for riding and be committed to the Brotherhood you once knew before. We want to carry on the traditions of our Club by continuing to expand for the coming generations of Marines willing to earn and wear our patch, our goal is that they will have the same commitment to our Brotherhood that our past and present Brothers believe in. send us a message!

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